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Vampire Dancing J.K. Gray

Vampire Dancing

J.K. Gray

Kindle Edition
345 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

All Amber wants is to listen to loud music, dance and perhaps get laid. No strings attached. But when she meets Michael, below the punishing glare of nightclub lights, the passionate encounter which follows unexpectedly gives way to them tracking a gang of individuals whose idea of a good time is usually at someone elses expense. Following the groups trail is straightforward, and finds the couple boarding a New York subway train, but things take a sinister turn when it becomes apparent something else has boarded: a powerful entity with an agenda of its own- an entity which will stop at nothing until it gets what it wants.But thats not their only problem. Amber and Michael have lived a very long time. Both have made their fair share of mistakes. Most of these mistakes have become distant memories, fading with the passing of time, but others have endured, creating ripples that have brewed over the centuries, and which are about to result in a perfect storm of absolute carnage.What do Vampires fear? Grab a ticket and strap yourself in, because this is one train ride you will never forget.