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The Penumbra Michael Paul

The Penumbra

Michael Paul

Kindle Edition
58 pages
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 About the Book 

This book is a critical, comparative study for those who seek the truth. Some cultures feel ashamed to examine their beliefs, to seek the truth or change their world view. I’ve discovered the greatest enemy of the truth is the lazy spirit of people who don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. In every culture, there are some who don’t explore ideas related to the subject because they don’t really want to find the truth, feeling as though it would be going against the grain and possibly creating rifts in their otherwise steady life. Many don’t want to step out of the box to give their mind a wake up call, to give a real sense of life. A narrow minded, isolated existence will leave people with an underlying feeling of guilt, causing a desire to create an illusion of happiness and contentment in what is known. In my youth, as a result of my search for the truth, I began to fall in love with the personality of Emmanuel David (Jesus Christ). As a result, I started to compare my former religion with the person of Jesus Christ. I believed that god had spoken in the Quran (his language) and I had to do good deeds to act out my faith. However, in Christ I found that God has spoken his word in the being of Jesus Christ, to act as redemption for me. In the Quran, God has spoken and the followers do all the work. On the contrary, through Christ, I find the work is already done! This is the perfection of God: He doesn’t need His human to act. He says and He acts. This book will be your guide to being well armed with knowledge of every fundamental area comparing Islam to Christianity.