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Cinnamon CONFLICTED Angelia Vernon Menchan


Angelia Vernon Menchan

Published March 6th 2015
Kindle Edition
50 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This books is about Cinnamon Dubois Brown Black, a character prevalant in Angelia Vernon Menchan Fictionalized Truths, however, this book can be enjoyed as a STANDALONE book.Awaking, Cinnamon was drenched in a cold sweat. She felt Malcolm’s arms around her and she suddenly felt safe but very conflicted at the same time. She couldn’t believe she had dreamed about that. There was an area of her life, she had never discussed, not even allowed herself to remember. She didn’t discuss it with Brown when she was married to him, certainly and more surprisingly not even Malcolm and she usually told him everything, the dirty and oily bits of her very soul but that had not once passed her lips. The only persons who had even any inkling were Alexandra and she didn’t know the entire sordid mess and her mom, Leigh, who had been her clean up woman. She buried it so deep, for so long. Tomorrow was her fifty-ninth birthday and all of that had occurred forty years ago. It had begun and ended in that year. Moving to get up, she woke Malcolm.“Baby, are you okay?” He asked. Her heart filled her chest at the words, he said to her almost every morning upon waking. “You are soaking wet.” She tried not to shiver but felt cold and clammy.“I know! I am getting up in years and I rain some nights.” She said softly, leaning down kissing him. Once, she was up and in the bathroom, his eyes opened fully, his thoughts were all over the place.Something is up with her. She moaned and thrashed in her sleep all night and it had nothing to do with menopause or night sweats. Something was riding her and for whatever reason, she is hiding it from me.The thought of that created a frisson of fear in him. There was nothing he lived for these days other than Cinnamon and anything that threatened her, threatened him. He recalled her and Alexandra being in a clutch the night before and after that Cinnamon changing completely, looking as if ghosts were chasing her. He was going to get to the bottom of it and soon. He had to.Cinnamon stood in the shower, cold water filtering down on her, hopefully washing away the thoughts she seemed unable to shake…