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bWise: South Korea Sanjyot Dunung

bWise: South Korea

Sanjyot Dunung

Published September 10th 2015
64 pages
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 About the Book 

Whether youre new to South Korea or an “old-hand”, bWise South Korea is your must-have, engaging, and reliable business guide, a new source for tips and information on doing business in Korea.With bWise South Korea , you’ll get essential insightMoreWhether youre new to South Korea or an “old-hand”,bWise South Koreais your must-have, engaging, and reliable business guide, a new source for tips and information on doing business in Korea.WithbWise South Korea, you’ll get essential insight on:Business Culture and Practices: Work Schedule, Meeting People, Making Contacts, Meetings, Names & Titles, Greetings, Business Cards, Interactions and Gestures, Management Practices, Accountability & Responsibility, Decision-Making, Developing Trust, & NegotiatingConducting Business in a Social Setting: Dining & Drinking, Visiting a Home, Gift Giving, Dress Code, TippingLocal Culture: Geography, Historical Highlights, Government, Economy, People, Values and Social CustomsPlus More: Common Korean phrases, Local Travel Tips, Special Appendix on the major faiths practiced in South Korea – Ancestor Worship, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.Over the past six decades, South Korea has transformed into a modern developed nation, achieving substantial economic growth, due in large part to extensive government planning, cooperative government and business efforts, and the hard work of South Korean people.Fifty years ago, South Korea was poorer than Bolivia and Mozambique- today, it is richer than New Zealand and Spain. Its economy has grown by an average of seven percent annually, contracting in only two of those years. Since 1970, the gross national product (GNP) has increased thirty-five-fold in nominal terms. Despite all this progress, the country’s recent decades have not been uniformly easy. A key feature of Korean culture is its ability to adapt to and learn from setbacks.With the rapid progress and modern cities, it may not be as evident that Koreans are a deeply conservative culture, steeped in tradition and unique Korean values. Developing trust, respect for age, and preserving harmony are among some of the key values that influence both business and personal interactions. bWise South Korea is a fascinating exploration of this traditional and complex culture.bWise South Korea is part of Atma Global’s bWise – Business Wisdom Worldwide – series. Engaging, concise, and informative country, culture, and global business guides for professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts. Maximize your success potential and satisfy your curiosity as you learn about countries, cultures, and timely global business topics.Edu-taining Content. Our philosophy is that learning should be enjoyable, engaging and user friendly, regardless of how, where, and when you choose to access it.Useful insight needs more than 140 characters. Our approach is not to “spoon feed” you a bunch of do’s and don’ts, rather we look to give you an in-depth, straightforward perspective of a culture, country or a global business topic so that you can extract the information you need and want.Context. We believe that it’s essential to know about how’s and why’s behind a topic. Whether the attitudes towards work and business interactions, business protocols, or the way people communicate – much has to do with the overall context in which society operates. History, government, politics, geography, and a host of other factors all play into this equation as well. More than just a presentation of facts, our essential learning content provide a reliable, comprehensive proprietary analysis about a business culture or global business topic.