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The Great Petrol Coupon Robbery W H Oxley

The Great Petrol Coupon Robbery

W H Oxley

Published April 21st 2014
Kindle Edition
154 pages
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 About the Book 

How can a man vanish in a puff of smoke?Wartime London, and petrol rationing has made the petrol coupon a much sought after and valuable commodity.What began as a straightforward investigation into a series of post office robberies by Detective Inspector Hawker soon mushrooms into a major operation, as he and Detective Sergeant Brightwell follow the twists and turns of the trail of petrol coupons through London’s underworld, with Brightwell being called upon to make the supreme sacrifice.To solve the case Hawker must not only discover how the robber is able to simply disappear into thin air, but who is kingpin in the petrol coupon racket – and to do so he must not only employ Holmes’s methods of deduction but, like Holmes, resort to a little friendly persuasion in order to obtain the required information.