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Im Safe! in the Car Wendy Gordon

Im Safe! in the Car

Wendy Gordon

Published April 14th 2001
ISBN : 9781891596148
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Offering parents and caregivers a fresh, nonthreatening approach to teaching young children car passenger safety, this storybook and accompanying activity book show kids the importance of riding in the right seat, buckling up, and being a good passenger. Vivid illustrations, bold colors, and simple lines help tell children the story of Kip and Kayla, two young children who have a problem: they like to ride in the car, but not in their safety seats. Kip feels he is too old for his child safety seat, and Kayla wants to be just like her brother. One afternoon their parents take them to a car safety seat checkup. Kip and Kayla meet new friends and come home with new ideas about what seat is best for each of them and the importance of learning how to be safe in cars.Author Biography: Wendy Gordon is a writer and child and family safety advocate who frequently appears on national television, including CBS This Morning. She lives in Rockport, Maine.