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Prison To Freedom Cora Goodyear

Prison To Freedom

Cora Goodyear

Published May 16th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The police cruiser finally pulled to a stop in front of the station on Main Street. The cop got out, opened my door and helped pull me out of the car. How accommodating. He accompanied me inside the station and directed me to go sit on a long wooden bench in the middle of the lobby. I walked across the dirty floor to the bench. I guess the main purpose of the building was for processing people and cleaning was low on the priority list. A larger desk with two smaller ones behind it were strewn with paper and there was a putrid smell which made me suddenly want to throw up. It was quiet in the police station with only a couple of guys on duty. Nevertheless, as I walked past them I felt their eyes looking at me with contempt as if they had seen a thousand others like me. They saw a woman in her early twenties but looking much older and haggard. I was a rack of bones because of my poor diet. My wet, shoulder length blond hair hung untidily half covering a face which was spotted with abscesses. Even I no longer recognized the face they were staring at. In my mind I was still a woman with blue eyes, a flawless complexion and attractive figure which turned heads as I walked down the street. But they saw someone else standing there - in drenched clothes which were soiled, unkempt and looked like they were from a second hand store.“Are you guys out of drugs for your own use?” I said sneering at them. “Is that why you’re out up picking up innocent people to get your hands on some drugs? Why don’t you spend your frig…en time arresting some real criminals? You’re all id…iots.”They continued to ignore me as if I was a piece of garbage not worth responding to. Perhaps they had also taken note of my constricted pupils and the track marks on my arms: all from heroin abuse.The Officers all converged behind a desk comfortably chatting with one another as I struggled to sit myself down. Shifting uncomfortably on the bench, I noticed a water cooler off to one side of the room. I got up and staggered across the black and white checker boarded floor. My throat was parched and I needed a drink but quickly realized that I had a problem - how was I going to press the button with handcuffs on. I tried turning my back to the cooler and pressing the button with my hands but by the time I turned around to face the cooler again the water had stopped coming out of the spout. Obviously the cooler was for the Officers use alone or was certainly not for people in handcuffs. After making another couple of unsuccessful attempts, I kicked the cooler as hard as I could and it fell over crashing onto the floor.