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Flood Robert Penn Warren


Robert Penn Warren

ISBN : 9780451026118
Mass Market Paperback
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Finally finished this book--it definitely took me a long time, but not because I didnt love it! I just have had so much going on in my life, Im generally too busy to read these days (unless for school, but hey its my last semester so yay) but I think its kind of good that this took me so long to read, because it was awesome. I loved coming back to it, and I think with a book of this length it sort of becomes your companion.I dont really have much to say, mainly because Im biased and love everything RPW has ever written (hence my rpw tattoo haha) but this was definitely a carefully crafted and well-written book, with intriguing characters and a town that will stay with me. The book is focused on the small town of Fiddlersburg, and RPW just does a masterful job creating this place and making it real. I think the location was heavily treated while the characters were less so, giving the book a strange feel compared to his others. Flood had so many characters, all interesting, and they all just sort of wander through the book and you never get a true sense of them, but you get close. It kind of creates this mysterious sort of effect and always keeps you guessing and wondering, which is great. I love books like this. I hope you read it--Colleen