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The Family Strange Kerrie OKeefe

The Family Strange

Kerrie OKeefe

Published April 4th 2005
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Dynamite Modern Erotic Suspense! Thats how one reviewer describes this contemporary masterpiece of erotic noir. The Strange family has many secrets. But they all begin to unravel when amateur mystery writer Colleen Drew attempts to root out information about a kidnapped friend. Soon Colleen finds herself drawn into the vile private world of the family Strange, a family without morals and without limits. It is a world of decadence, sex, and betrayal, where Colleen meets the one man she could love, but doesnt know if she dares trust her heart to him. This sex-soaked mystery with more than a touch of bondage, shows that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and that what the people who open those doors find is often more bizarre than they could have imagined. As the reviewer Arysta says, The Family Strange is a dynamite erotic suspense novel. readable, fun, and very fast-moving. Its peppered with erotic scenes, some involving bondage and other kinky aspects, but others almost completely vanilla in nature. The convoluted truth at the heart of the story is both twisted and almost sickening, but its the characters that make this book the enjoyable read that it is. Between the complicated, onion-layer relationships and the deep secrets that most of the characters are hiding, it is somewhat surprising to realize that the reader is enjoying a whole host of three-dimensional characters. The story also has a nice, happy, upbeat ending in most ways at least.