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Nuclear Emergencies: Awareness Response Readiness Michael Flagg

Nuclear Emergencies: Awareness Response Readiness

Michael Flagg

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Nuclear War. Dirty Bombs. Nuclear Plant Meltdowns.These threats loom large. The United States went to war in Iraq in part to stop what was thought to be an advancing nuclear weapons program. The wounded reactors at Fukushima continue to be in the news. Countless headlines tell of nuclear chaos close at hand. The Doomsday Clock ticks nearer to midnight.Yet what do most people really know about radiation? How does a nuclear weapon operate? What actually happens when a nuclear power plant suffers a meltdown? How can you know if you are at a risk for cancer if youve been exposed to radiation?Do you rely on others to tell you these things? Can you trust them to tell you the whole story?Nuclear Emergencies is the book which will transform your understanding of all things nuclear. Whether the topic is power plant accidents, nuclear war, or radiation poisoning, this book will step you through the basics of nuclear science, show you the history of nuclear war and nuclear accidents, and provide you with the basics of understanding how radiation affects the human body.But this book is more than a primer on Nuclear Emergencies. It is a platform for deeper research. With over 500 hyperlinks to peer reviewed literature, scientific articles, books, videos, and other resources, Nuclear Emergencies hands you the keys to unlock the doors to understanding the aspects of nuclear science that interest you. You will not be told what to believe, but provided with the tools to make your own rational decisions, to decide what risks you regard as acceptable, and to make up your own mind about this fascinating and polarizing topic that touches on science, politics, and war.When you finish Nuclear Emergencies, you will be among the handful of men and women who, in the midst of a future nuclear crisis, will know whether to stay or run and later know how to study the potential health effects of the radiation released. In todays world, that knowledge could be priceless.